10/21/19: Dr. Mark Lees : Acne Blunders and Performance Ingredients for Aging

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10/21/19: Dr. Mark Lees : Acne Blunders and Performance Ingredients for Aging


Dr. Mark Lees & Kyle Mull LE: Acne Blunders and Performance Ingredients for Aging

$55 look and learn

Acne Blunders

Do you have clients with chronic breakouts and acne-prone skin? Do you have difficulty getting their skin clear and then keeping it clear?

In this special class, Dr. Lees and Kyle Mull will share frequent oversights in acne treatment that can make or break clearance success. See actual case studies and learn the important factors to constantly keep in mind when treating acne and problem skin. Kyle Mull will perform a clinical peel and desincrustation treatment and show extraction techniques.

Real World Results: Performance Ingredients for Aging that Deliver!

How many of your aging clients want REAL results for their skin? Known for their user-friendly classes, Dr. Lees & Kyle Mull present useful take-home knowledge and show you how to combine performance ingredient “actives” for amazing results for aging skin and sun damage! Learn all about the latest ingredients: firming and anti-wrinkle peptides, collagen stimulants, ceramides, alpha hydroxy acids, sunscreens, and the newest anti-aging treatments using ingredients like resveratrol and anti-glycation ingredients. See dozens of Dr. Lees’ actual case studies with real-world results without injections, laser or surgery! 

Monday Class October 21st 2019

Beauty Certified Education Association Studio

Prior Works Building

755 Prior Ave No

Saint Paul, MN 55104

Please only one ticket per person.

Each person signing up must purchase their ticket individually as each person will need the MN License info for Professional Practice Continuing Education.

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