Seminar at Sea

Its a bit early to start thinking about winter and the bitter cold of January 2019 but here is a great opportunity for education and a get away.  Start planning for your winter education and get away now.

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About June Olsen:

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Professional Salon & Spa Consultant


June is a Salon & Spa Consultant recognized for successfully turning around salon productivity and profitability by advising salon owners on proven methodologies to evaluate, adjust, and elevate their business success.  

June’s talent is enhanced by her strength in communicating and positioning change to salon staff, making her a sought-after speaker for Salon Teams.  June’s quick smile and positive outlook enhance an engaging learning experience.

June’s salon expertise stems from 29 years of experience while serving with Aveda Salon Distribution and the Aveda Corporation. In her most recent position as Executive Director of Sales & Education for Aveda Services Central North America, June successfully led a Sales & Education Team.  She developed and supported salon and spa businesses which drove the brand and individual profitability.

June’s passion for the Professional Beauty Business is driven by the inspiration she gained through the evolution of her career and driving profitability for salon businesses. She began her career as a Cosmetology Instructor and Stylist, giving her professional credibility in Education, Technical, and Service areas of the salon business. 

Highlighted Skills:

  • Salon Owner Organization & Prioritization 
  • Salon Coaching
  • Leadership Development
  • Business Culture Development or adjustment
  • Resolving Conflict
  • Guest Service
  • Operations
  • Staff and Guest Recruitment and Retention
  • Creating Content and Presenting Team Seminars and Meetings 

About Classes:


2 hours

Class Summary:

This class lays out the behaviors of great leaders, and how those behaviors are transferrable to Beauty Salon Service Providers.  The class content focuses on the importance of professionalism, diversity, and integrity when serving salon guests. The format of the class includes a Power-point presentation, group discussion, and activities related to the topic.




2 hours

Class Summary:

This class is divided into two 1- hour segments.  Social Media Marketing demonstrates how to best market your business on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.  The content includes Power-point visuals of effective salon stylist Social Media posts, as well as the “ins and outs” of using Social Media to gain guests and elevate stylist creative talent credibility. Delivering Excellent Service Every Time lays out the attention to detail needed in every step of the salon guest experience.  After all, using Social Media to get guests in your chair means nothing if you can’t retain those guests as long-term clients. The format of this combined class includes a Power-point presentation, group discussion, and activities related to the topics.